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Food Tours of Fort Lauderdale was started to share the culinary traditions of South Florida.  Local dishes reflect Latin American, Caribbean, European and Mediterranean culture.

Our goal is to provide insights into the culture of South Florida from the unique perspective while we discover and share incredible dining experiences – embracing the character of local ingredients, as their expression defines local culinary traditions.

Like many places, our tropical paradise has restaurants which run the gamut from small family run establishments to celebrity chef institutions. What is unique about Fort Lauderdale however, is that it is truly a unique dining destination. It is also a melting pot of many cultures, with roughly 30% from the Caribbean and Latin America, and another 30% from Europe and the Mediterranean. The result is a fascinating mixture of cultures and ingredients in a tropical climate, spawning our renowned gourmet Floribbean cuisine.

Come join us on the unique voyage, tasting your way through an incredible journey that is as delicious and informative as it is enjoyable!