Trata Greek Taverna


The lack of Southern European, and especially Greek , cuisine in South Florida comes as a surprise due to our massive diversity in cultural heritage; luckily, places like Trata Greek Taverna are beginning to offer authentic tastes of places that are otherwise underrepresented. Apparently, South Florida confuses Greek cuisine and pairs it side-by-side with belly dancing, hookah smoking, and throwing plates on the ground. This stigma may not be all bad, but it manages to detract from the true and artful nature of what Greek cuisine has to offer to the world. Greek cuisine is composed of fresh and simple ingredients that are seasoned in ways that are very unique and can be traced back hundreds of years. At Trata, the kitchen attempts to bring forth the type of flavors that have placed Greek cuisine on the culinary map, and as far as I am concerned, they succeed.

The meatballs at Trata are succulent and are the epitome of how tasty Greek cuisine can be. You may be thinking that a meatball is a meatball is a meatball, but you would be mistaken in making this assumption. You see, when it comes to Greek meatballs, they usually are composed of different combinations of meat and seasonings that are easily recognized as Greek. The meatballs at Trata are tender and packed gently, basically falling apart when simply touched by the fork. Such light packing is a pleasant change from the normal meatball that is compact, chewy, and tough. When biting into the meatball, you will be pleasingly surprised by the warmth and well roundedness that comes from spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and even all-spice. These spices, which are more commonly reserved for desserts, provide a sense of woodiness and sweetness that would seem off when it comes to savory food. On the contrary, the warm spices compliment the richness from the meat and help push the flavor of beef to the spotlight. The acidity coming from the tomato-based sauce is the perfect compliment for the sweet and fatty meatballs, making for a bite that pleases aspects that the taste buds look for.

Service at Trata is superb, being genuinely helpful and courteous. The waiters will converse with you like family and will offer a sense of hospitality that usually seen in the United States. Which brings me to the main point: Trata is like taking a trip to Greece. This type of authenticity is hard to find in South Florida, which makes Trata all that more special.

Trata Greek Taverna

1103 E Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

(954) 712-8933