Pan’e Dolci on Las Olas Blvd.

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Italian influence is ever-present when walking through the doors of Pan’e Dolci on Las Olas Blvd., as there are Italian soccer jerseys and Italian pastries lining the display case at this popular bakery. Known for bringing authentic bites of Italy to the Ft. Lauderdale community, Pan’e Dolci offers small items such as cannolis, biscotti, croissants, and breads. Everything is made in-house and provides a sense of how dining out in Europe would be, as the petite bakery makes it a mission to provide a realistic representation of how things are across the pond. Whether it be daily-churned gelato, freshly baked breads, or expertly made espressos, you can sense the love put into every item you get, which leads you to realize why this place is as successful as it is.

A beautifully decorated case containing gelato will be the first thing to draw your attention. A menagerie of vibrant colors pop through the glass, tempting you to order ice cream no matter what it is you truly came for. I’ve found myself here in the morning tempted to buy ice cream from how delectable it looks. In fact, I have ordered ice cream for breakfast in the form of Affogato, or Ice Cream served inside an espresso. The hot temperature from the coffee begins to melt the scoop of gelato, which combines with the bitter espresso to provide a creamy and decadent drink that is reminiscent of a milkshake. You are allowed to choose whichever flavor you want, but I would go with something that compliments the flavor of coffee, such as vanilla or hazelnut.

Try the Baba au Rhum when visiting, as this small bite channels the baking expertise that the desserts here have. This rum-soaked yeast based cake from Polish influence is a wonderful treat to begin your day with, as it provides a refreshing (and alcoholic) bite that is neither too sweet nor too extravagant. In fact, the cake is somewhat light and has a luscious crumb, which makes for a perfect sponge to soak up the rum syrup that is placed on it. Since the cake is held in the refrigerator, it comes out as a cool and invigorating bite that will guide you through the morning.

Whether you come to Pan’e Dolci for sweets, coffee, or some bread, this is a great bakery in which to indulge yourself. Not only is it authentic, but it also provides an atmosphere similar to what you will find in Europe. I highly recommend this bakery, and after coming here, I know you will come back.

Pan’e Dolci

613 E Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

(954) 306-2028

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